When will I receive my order?

Our delivery time is generally from 3 to 5 days after dispatching for Belgium, France and Europe. 

How to track my order?

When your parcel is sent, you will receive an email providing you with a tracking number to use on Mondial Relay or DHL.

Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes. Our products don’t contain any products derived from animals and we only test on friends and family !

What is homeostasis?

Why is the hydrolipid film so important?

The hydrolipidic film is a thin protective film located on the skin’s surface, that is
composed of water and fats. It acts as a protective barrier against external aggressions (wind, pollution,...,germs and possible bacteria) but also ensures the skin’s hydration while retaining water. It also guarantees the skin's suppleness, radiance and soft texture. The Magic Ritual protects and restores this hydrolipidic film, so that the skin may under its protection find its natural and healthy state of dynamic balance.

For what type of skin type is the Magic Ritual recommended?

All skin types. The Magic Ritual is about balancing the skin, maintaining its acid pH and respecting the it's natural barrier so the skin will regain its ability to become self-functioning. It’s a holistic cleanser that gently & deeply cleanses, even the most sensitive skins, without stripping or causing agression. It enables the skin to fully benefit from the other formulas in the range adapted to each skin need.

What is the best way to start a Delbôve Treatment?

Why use the Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière Emulsion also in the morning?

Why do I have to spray the Eau Sorcière gradually?

Our Eau Sorcière is a potent botanical essence composed of mother tinctures, it is not simply a flower water (less potent). It is necessary to adapt your skin gradually to this potent Beauty Elixir.

During the first week, put 2 sprays in 50ml of water then, build this number up gradually by the week. This routine should look as follows for the first month of treatment:

Week one: 2 sprays of Eau Sorcière per treatment.

Week two: 4 sprays of Eau Sorcière per treatment.

Week three: 6 Sprays of Eau Sorcière per treatment.

Week four: 8 sprays of Eau Sorcière per treatment.

How do I remove my Magic Ritual?

Gently remove the excess emulsion with the cotton pads previously soaked in the water and Eau Sorcière preparation. When finished, its normal to feel a light film on your skin, this film will help rebuild the hydrolipidic film and protect your skin from climatic and environmental damage.

How long does it take to see results?

The Magic Ritual, to ensure long-term beneficial results, has two requirements: perseverance and, in the beginning, a little/touche of patience & commitment. The reason for this is that in addition to its intrinsic qualities, it also possesses the quality of not promising you results in a flash (which very often are short-lived). However, it is possible that after your very first emulsion with Crème Sorcière+Eau Sorcière, you could feel an immediate sensation of comfort and renewal. Then, depending on the degree of imbalance of your skin, noticeable results will start to occur, sometimes as soon as a few days of continuous use of our products.

 And, while it may seem complicated at first, it will quickly become something you won’t want to miss, a natural appointment with your skin. As the days go by, you will no longer be able to go without this beneficial moment of sensuality: the pleasure of the texture of the Emulsion Sorcière between your fingers, the delicate fragrances that it releases when you bring your hands close to your face, the happiness of learning and repeating steps that are both gentle and toning, and will stimulate microcirculation, the feeling of pleasure and overall relaxation… 

Sustained use will ensure long-lasting results.

After beginning the Magic Ritual, I have noticed that I have some redness & blemishes that has appeared. Is this normal?

If you are switching your daily routine to natural products for the first time, it is normal that the skin will rebel. We call this the rebound effect that occurs during the period in which the skin is adapting itself to the new, natural ingredients. With products that have chemical compositions, the skin becomes habituated to not working by itself. If redness and blemishes appear they are there to tell you that the skin is eliminating toxins. So what is there to do? Have some patience, continue doing you Magic Ritual whilst giving your skin the time to regain its natural balance. This usually lasts less than a week. You won't regret this because your skin will come out looking better than ever on the other side.

I have a very sensitive or reactive skin. What do you advise me?

Delbôve products are particularly appreciated by sensitive and reactive skin types because of the gentle, yet effective nature of the ingredients. But firstly, it is important to help reinforce your skin's tolerance threshold with The Magic Ritual. Its balancing and cleansing emulsion, morning and evening, will help restore and protect the skin's hydrolipidic barrier and help your skin become more resilient to exterior aggressions.

Secondly, our Rosacelia range is specially formulated for sensitive skin and redness. It is composed of Horse Chesnut and Hamamelis, both ancestrally known for their soothing properties. Both protection and comfort are guaranteed.

I have dilated pores and oily skin. What do you advise me?

We recommend cleansing the skin with Magic Ritual, it will help rebalance your skin and refine the skin’s texture. For more in-depth action, use our Souabou Serum before your day cream. The Willow Bark will help tighten your pores and Horse Chesnut will purify your skin for a unified complexion. Our Souabou Clay Mask rich in Rose water and Calendula will visibly matify the skin.

I have a breakout. What do you advise me?

We recommend cleansing the skin with Magic Ritual, it will help rebalance your skin and refine and purify the skin’s texture. Then, apply our Souabou Serum locally on the affected area. It will help prevent scarring and will purify your skin. 

For more in-depth action, use our complete Souabou range. In the cream, the Willow Bark will help tighten your pores and Horse Chesnut will purify your skin for a unified complexion and the Centella and Arnica will help sooth the skin. Our Souabou Clay Mask rich in Rose water and Calendula will amplify the results and matify the skin.

I am pregnant. Can I use the Delbôve products?

Our products are all safe for pregnancy except for :

- Pieds Enchantés
- Cou & Décolleté
- Valériane
- Cryostimulist
- Masque Souabou
because they contain essential oils.

Where are Delbove products manufactured?

Our products have been developed and manufactured in Belgium since 1967.

Is your packaging recyclable?

At Delbôve, we do our best to minimize the impact we have on the planet, and therefore we have chosen to use limited paper and plastic waste that is non-recyclable. Our glass jars are recyclable and can be brought back for recycling into our flagship boutique in Brussels.

Where can I find Delbove products?

The full range of Delbôve treatments is currently available in our flagship store in Brussels and through our online web shop. Aswell as through different stockist.
Discover the addresses of our flagship stores & stockists here.

It is never too early / too late to get started

At any age, the magic of the Delbôve products is with you each day in order to regain and maintain your skin’s natural balance… With each day, it regains its health and vitality, to reveal your beauty!