Unlike many products, DELBOVE treatments do not seek to artificially fill a need, but to stimulate the skin, with the help of natural and active noble ingredients, so that it regains its balance and restores, by itself, its spontaneous functions. This way, your skin regains, naturally, its powers of hydration, metabolism, absorption, elimination, thermoregulation, protection and regeneration. . . (See Our Philosophy”). Problems disappear and your beauty is revealed.

Moreover, DELBOVE treatments are designed to be combined with each other, in order to provide each skin what it specifically needs. A genuine art of mixology.

In addition, textures and fragrances make each DELBOVE treatment ritual a delicious moment of sensuality, which one quickly can’t do without. Purely divine! Finally, both in development and manufacture, DELBOVE treatments have always been 100% Belgian. A guarantee of high quality.

Even if some treatments, when considered in relation to biological rhythms and skin-cell activity, may appear to be more suitable for night application because they are more effective at that time, it is your skin, that knows, better than anything else, what it needs – when and how. Trust your skin. Trust yourself.

The basis of any DELBOVE treatment, the actual foundation of all the treatments in our range, was developed from the principle of homeostasis, according by which we aim to restore the skin’s natural balance. This is best achieved through the Sorcière Beauty Ritual: morning and evening. Thanks to the Crème Sorcière+Eau Sorcière emulsion, you indulge your skin with a unique and all-inclusive care, both cleansing and treatment. A Beauty Ritual for the face, of course, but also for the neck, décolletage and bust, all equally deserving to be pampered!
Simply to cleanse the skin after the night, to refresh it, tone it, and allow it to enjoy the best follow-up care of your choice. The morning Sorcière Emulsion serves to preserve the benefits acquired by the skin, during the night, and helps it to maintain the balance of its natural functions.
All DELBOVE treatments can be initiated at any age. It is never too early, nor too late, to allow your skin to regain its balance and its natural functions, and reveal your beauty. However, ideally, it would be best to start the Crème Sorcière+Eau Sorcière emulsion in adolescence: better not to wait to have to restore the hydrolipidic barrier of your skin but, rather, to preserve its balance. Furthermore, some DELBOVE products are specially-formulated for young skin, prone to blackheads. Thereafter, depending on age and your skin’s needs, we will complement the treatment with one of the other specific treatments in our range.

One of the particularities of the DELBOVE treatment is not to promise you flash results (which very often are short-lived). However, as of the first emulsion with Crème Sorcière+Eau Sorcière, you will feel an immediate sensation of comfort to the skin and a sense of well-being and sensory pleasure. Then, depending on the degree of imbalance of your skin, noticeable results will already start to occur, after a few days of continuous use of our products. Sustained use will ensure long-lasting results.

The gentleness of their ingredients, and their deep actions on the functions of the skin, make DELBOVE products particularly appreciated by sensitive and reactive skins. Firstly, it is important to treat your skin with the Crème Sorcière+Eau Sorcière emulsion, morning and evening, to restore and protect its hydrolipidic barrier and stimulate the rebalancing of its natural functions. After that, apply a thin layer of Ultra Sorcière cream, by tapping with your fingertips, so that the cream penetrates deeply, without irritating. Protection and comfort guaranteed. Finally, once a week, treat your skin with the calming and balancing effects of the Masque Cristal, which will amplify and stabilize the acquired results.

Many men have let themselves be tempted by the Crème Sorcière+Eau Sorcière emulsion for their daily skin care. Some also enjoy the comfort brought by the Crème Sorcière, when applied by itself after shaving, and its long-term effects on the suppleness and softness of their skin. Finally, many of them have became fans of the Pieds Enchantés cream, especially before and / or after a sporting event!

Formulated and developed, since their origin in Belgium, the DELBOVE products continue to be prepared and packaged in a 100% Belgian laboratory that meets all the legal scientific, technical and sanitary demands of contemporary cosmetics.

All DELBOVE products enjoy an excellent quality / price ratio, considering the benefits enjoyed. Furthermore, as only small amounts are needed for each use, they have the advantage of being long-lasting. However, the price is the reflection of the ingredients that compose them : top-quality ingredients, noble elements and, when possible, from organic agriculture. All for a greater respect of your skin and nature.

The full range of DELBOVE treatments is currently available in our flagship stores and through our online webshop. Discover here the addresses of our flagship stores & stockists.

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